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Hong Kong in 1978.  The set of a new movie: Monkey hand.  Dragon paw.  During a recess in filming a stuntman approached the star martial artist.  "Sensei, I wish to challenge you.  Humble me and make me a better man".

The Sensei was no good man, "I put two of you down yesterday.  Will you never learn," he spat. As his challenger was stood head bowed the Sensei launched at him with a vicious side kick aimed through his head at his neck, an attack that could cripple a man.

The challenger allowed gravity to do his work, as his body fell forward towards the ground.  At the bottom of his roll he tackled the Sensei he had shown utmost respect for, with a scissor assault at his single standing leg, forcing him to the ground.

The challenger used the momentum to launch himself back to his feet.  He said to the Sensei's amazed eyes, "humble me Sensei," as he brought an axe kick around and down upon his chest.  The Sensei 's ribcage began to collapse with the kinetic energy, just as he grabbed the challenger's foot and launched his legs at the man, locking the challenger's offending leg firmly to his chest.

The challenger was brought to the ground, his knee popping slightly with the force of the impact.  The Sensei released his hold, detecting the injury and knowing the challenge was over.  The challenger got his feet and instinctively adopted a 90/10% weight stance on his good leg, then stated, "You have humbled me Sensei.  I am a better man".

As he watched his challenger hobble away, and the accustomed sycophants appeared to vicariously wallow in the aftermath, he felt his victory was hollow.  He called after the man, "You have humbled me Sensei.  I am a better man".
© 2011 Thomas Duke
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